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28th-Mar-2009 11:08 pm(no subject)
Hi, my darlings... Sorry I have not posted for a while. I've been completely overwhelmed and consumed by my work. I knew it would be hard but never thought it would be this hard. My foot hurts so much. Its insane. I got the surgery so it wouldn't hurt but it still hurts. Way more than before. I try not to think about it and just focus on what I have to get done at work. In and out.

I'm so exhausted but I'm keeping an optimistic attitude. I rebelled against work. You know I'm not going to kill myself anymore... I'm a workaholic by nature though but I'm trying to break that habit.

I'm updating my resume. I met this cool chick and she's helping me out with it. I have this other awesome friend who's looking up jobs for me in the city! God. I feel so different now. So many things are happening... I feel centered! Where before I just felt so lost and so lost. I guess the biggest thing is law school. I know I've been insane about dental school but I just recently realised I like law and why not?? I'm burnt out on all the science stuff. I love it don't get me wrong but I need a new challenge. You know??? So, yeah I'm studying for the lsats which are way easier by far from the dats. The only thing that worries me is the essay portion but I got thse awesome books at borders to help me with my vocab and grammar. We shall see...

Anyhow, its pretty damn chilly here in chicago today. I'm freezing!!!! The city is so damn beautiful. I've been surrounded by corn fields for so long that this change feels good.

Needs body warmth!!!!!
17th-Mar-2009 11:59 pm - Last night
Ahhhhh my butt hurts. Jeebus! Ive been driving for far too long. God, this tiny island has a lot of traffic. We finally made it to san juan. My aunt lives here (thank god). We were originally going to make this long ass drive tomorrow but we wouldve been cutting it close. My plane leaves @ 2pmish. But like today we may have been stuck on traffic and that wouldve made me poop my pants. I cant afford to miss that flight.

So, great im here and im being eaten by bugs. I miss our condo already. Its right in front of the beach. So serene and breezy. Definitely no bugs. I cant believe its come to an end. Looking back it seems like time just flew by.

So, yeah ill be either on a plane or waiting to get on a plane all day tomorrow and then i have to drive to indiana from chicago. Im tired just thinking about it. *yawns*
11th-Mar-2009 09:23 pm - im coming home
Its going to be so hard to leave my mom. We've grown so close. She nursed me back to life. I literally lost so much weight I could barely stand on my own. She held me while I cried myself to sleep. She glued my shattered heart back together. I'm going to be a crying wimp when I have to say goodbye. Aw!!! I'm teary eyed just thinking about it.

I'm so much stronger now than I was 3 months ago. Good things have been happening all over the place. I guess I just had to be patient. God, look at how cute I am. Ha ha!
9th-Mar-2009 05:25 am - match maker!!!!
Today my moms boy toy called and said he was coming over. These two love birds have talking on the phone and texting like crazy since she went to indiana to take care of me after my surgery. He has this really high end job so they havent met. It started becoming a problem cause my mom wanted to see if there was actual chemistry there. Just when we thought it wasnt going to happen he calls to say he's coming over. Well, my mom bviously starts freaking out - 'what am i going to wear. Shit.' Insert Spanish jabber. Im like wobbling about trying to make sure the condo looks great. Vaccuuming. Mopping. Cleaning the bathroom. (Im a clean freak) finally get done. I help her get dressed. Then he calls letting know he has arrived. Shes gotta go downstairs to let him into the complex/building. I get to hide in the room. 1. I think their first meeting should just be the two of them 2. He really didnt know i was here and my mom said he was shy and may not want to come over otherwise (weird) 3. I wouldve left but i had to be present just incase he was a psycho (like the last guy she tried to date)... Anyhow, i was stuck in that room for hours!!!! Im glad they hit it off but i was hungry and thirsty. Its weird. Nopt being able to eat or drink just made me want to eat/drink. I survived! It was a close one. I did the only thing i could do under such circumstances. I raided my moms closet. I shopped. Got myself a nice purse and earings. HOOOZAA! Heck yeah.

Ahhh im wearing my retainer. Its been a while. It hurts.

Oh, update on weird stalker. He stopped calling. Yes! I think he finally gave up. Thank god.

Ive been helping out my little friend. I say little cause he's a tiny little guy. Capiche? Ha. He's like 5 ft. So cute. Anyhow, ive been bringing him food. Gosh. It just breaks my heart. I wish i could do more.
5th-Mar-2009 03:16 pm - update on my fab life!!!!!
Hay!!! Lets see... Yesterday was a really good day. We found this really awesome restaurant. The best part about it was how cheap it was!!!! Oh em gee. We ate. I mean really ate. Like we've never eaten before for like 20 bucks. I didnt poop my guts out or anything.. So, its a keeper. I mean i usually do poo but i just mean my body digested the food well. Ha ha. Anyhow... Good food. Heavenly! Then, we went to the mall and i saw shhtufff i liked but i didnt get anything. Didnt really need anything and money doesnt grow on trees... Window shopping can be depressing, yO! I did try some clothes on and realized i went down a size. Heck yeah bitches!!!! Weird thing is i eat way more here than i ever did in Indiana yet im losing weight. Oh, you know what else??? I dont sweat here. Thats strange. Its like humid. So, i think my sweating in Indiana was more emotional/stress related than anything. Just a tid bit of info i thought ya'll would appreciate ha ha. My hair is fabulously big today. I admit when i first got here my hair was huge and not in a good way but ive learned to deal with it. I dont need as much product in my hair here. Like i think i brought a suitcase literally of hair product because 1. I thought they wouldnt have my stuff here but they do and 2.im a freak. I forgot what i was initially talking about.... Hmmm! Okay. So, i saw my little homeless buddy begging on the streets. I felt bad cause last time i promised him food but i guess i took too long and he left (bad weather that day). So, i went to wendys (thank god for value menue) and got him like 5 jr.bacon cheeseburgers and fries and a huge drink. He's a tiny guy and i figured he could eat one or two and save the rest for later. Made me feel all good inside until he asked me to buy him cigs and thats where i drew the line. I cant support his habit!?!? Im trying to make my mom quit. Oh well at least his belly is full :0)

We have a little ritual at night now. We go to the little place in town and get coffee and sandwiches (thats huge here. People love their coffee and sandwiches ha ha) anyways we go in and i see a sign that says 'freshly squeezed oj' ahhh i love that. So, we ask the young guy that works there and he says theyre out (duh! Its like 9 pm) but i guess i worked my charms and put my pouty lip of disappointment plus a tad bit of cuteness and next thing i know he's squeezing some oranges. God bless him that was the best effin oj ever. He didnt even charge us for the OJ or the coffee or anything really. I just realized that. Well, i think momma just made a new friend. Heck yeah!

Oh and i walked for 30 mins on the treadmill. I put it on one of the slowest speeds (cause of my foot) but at the highest incline. Well, i know before i said i dont sweat here but shoo' i sweated out a tiny human being. I wanted to do an hour but my foot had enough. It gave out on me. I had to soak it on some epson salt. It got a bit swollen. Lame!

Uh, sorry my brain is all over the place.
3rd-Mar-2009 07:07 pm - holy shit
Okay. So, they're renovating the outside of our condo. They're painting and fixing cracks and stuff. They sent out a little news letter to all the people who live here to let us know to clear out our balcony furniture. Just as a precaution so it doesnt get splattered with paint or damaged. So, we did... Today im sitting watching tv/studying in the living room. I have the sliding door open cause i love hearing the clashing of the waves and feeling the amazing breeze. All of a sudden i look up and there are three large men in my balcony.... AHHH HOLY SHIT! I literally almost pooped my pantalones. Granted they're just doing their job and painting but still for a single woman thats not very intimidating and cant really fight... Scary! Ha ha. I look to my left and theres guys painting the balcony and then i look to my right and i see a guy through the window painting the outside of our condo. Jeebus. Im surrounded. Too many sausages flying around. Ahhh!!!!!

So, yeah... I was a little scurred *blushes* oh, and did i mention im still in my jammies??! Cause i am. I love pjs!!!! I at least know one other person on my flist that shares my obsession *glares @ you* yeah. YOU!
3rd-Mar-2009 04:39 am - obsession
So, these are my obsessions:
1.Showering (like 2-3xs daily. I may have a problem. I would die if the gov't suddenly started rationing our water supply. I smell good!)
2.Washing/exfoliating face (i cant help it... Its all related to the clean thing)
3.Brushing teeth ( you should all be aware of my teeth fixation)
4.Flossing (this one is new but now i do it ALOT. So good for your gums)
5.Q-tips/ cleaning out ears ( god! I could stick that qtip in my ear all day long! It feels good... Kinda like the smell of gasoline... Well maybe not but yeah)
6.In case you havent noticed im a clean freak! Once i start its really hard to stop. I must admit its gotten worse.

So, yeah aren't you glad i shared that with you cause I AM!!!!

Ive become a total rebel on the road. I was afraid to drive my mom's suv. Shes got this hummer like big huge thing. Way too many blind spots. Im used to driving suvs but this is way bigger than mine. The roads here are tiny. Only meant for one way traffic really but of course thats not the case... And the curves! Oh my gee. Way too many curves and people going way too fast. Its crazy! I love it. I was a speed racer back home but nothing compared to now. Ha ha. Its great!!!! Dont you just want to get in a car with me. YOU KNOW YOU DO!!!!!!

I went to buy food to my little homeless buddy today. I saw him begging on the street. I didnt have change. I felt so bad. He approached my window and i told him i was sorry but i didnt have change with me and he said that i should never give him money. That instead i should buy him food. If i give him money he might use it for 'other' things. He's addicted to heroin. I was impressed, though. I think its pretty amazing that he would tell me not to give him money. Its like he's trying to quit but doesnt know how or something. By the time i got back it was raining and he was gone. Sad.

My muscles ache! Been lifting weights alot. Time to change things up a bit, though. My muscles are getting used to it. I wish i could do some cardio. I need gloves so i can use the punching bag... Now, thats a great way to work out frustrations.
2nd-Mar-2009 07:42 pm - creepy!
I'm officially creeped out guys. That creeper keeps calling and leaving creepy messages -'hi, tatiana, this is creepy guy. I have my phone and it works and you call me anytime.' HELLO! If I had wantyed to talk to you 1. I wouldve answered your calls 2. I wouldve called you back or something. Calling 5 times a day is NOT going to motivate me to call you or talk to you. Jeebus!!!! It's raining today. I feel lazy. Just wanna lay around and do nothing. I've made a huge decision in my life!!!! HUGE. I'm really excited about it. I can't talk about it just yet cause I really don't want to jinx it... Ahh, good things are happening, though.

The cold weather is making my footsie hurt... Awww someone come rub it!!!! Please. K. Thanks!
28th-Feb-2009 06:14 pm - oh, why?!?
I was at Borders studying yesterday. Minding my business. Soaking up all the information for once. This guy comes out of nowhere and asked to use my phone to call his friend. I dont know why i let him use it... Im too nice! Anyhow, then he sits and tries to have a conversation with me (im annoyed cause he can clearly see im busy) i play the foreign card. I pretend i dont speak spanish. That doesnt work cause he tries to speak english!! RAWR. So, finally he leaves. Next thing i know I have 4 missed calls!!! He totally fooled me to get my number and i fell for it. Geez. He's called 5 times already. He blocked his number at one time but i totally knew it was him. Lame! I attract weird people. Its a freakin' curse. I really need to work on my 'bitch tude' that way id atleast repell them somehow. My friend doesnt even have to say anything. Her stare says it all - 'fuck off!'

I just watched the friends episode where rachel and phoebe go running in the park. Phoebe runs like a 4 yr old on crack. Ha ha!! Rachel is too embarrassed to run with her. God! I cant wait to be able to run again. Im totally going to pull a phoebe.

There is something growing on my toe. Im scurred! Dont get diabetis and if you get it then take care of yourself. Cause if you dont control your sugar intake theyll just start hacking away at your limbs. Too many people i know have had limbs cut off. Thats some scary shit. Be specially careful if youre hispanic. Im so glad im hispanic *sarcasm* im so glad both sides of my family have dia-BEH-tis (thats how bret micheals says it! Ha ha. Just saw the episode where that chick ruptures her implant on the Rock of Love Bus- classic)*sarcasm* I cant believe its march already. Thats so weird. Im going to go work out then possibly study. Be good. Dont let strangers use your phone. They'll call you... Oh, i want to buy the 'smart word' book @ borders. Im trying to improve my vocab. Im foreign and i need all the help i can get... Gotta impress people @ interviews and stuff. Im also going to try to improve my grammar... Yeah. Okay. Great!
26th-Feb-2009 10:44 pm(no subject)
Hi! I didnt forget you guys... I know i havent posted in forever it seems. Weird since im used to post 2-3 entries a day... Well, everything has been pretty uneventful. Ive been working out alot and i think im beyond addicted. Im finally starting to see some definition. Yay!

Ive also been studying. Ive been slacking on that department but its all going... I was at borders the other day and this old hairy guy said -'ha youre a witch ha ha' and i was like whut??? I asked him what he meant by that and he said -'i cant read you ha ha so you must be a witch'... God, 'ricans are weird. What the hell did he mean by that?? Was he trying to be wity bc we were surrounded by books and he couldnt read me? Or he sensed my gayness or was he on drugs??? God, i attract weird people. I hid in my book and waited till he left. Im not intimidating at all... Thats why i gotta work on my gun show. Tickets go on sale soon!!! Yeah, buddy...

I just ate super dilicious 'rican food and i might explpode but dont think thats going to keep me away from the icecream... OH HELL NAH! Ha ha.
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