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I just want you close...
glorious effin day!!!!!!! 
4th-Apr-2009 02:18 pm
Okay! So, its effin beautiful outside. Yeah, its a bit nipply but the sun is out and birds are chirping and fuck i dont have to work. Its great!

I finished ALL my laundry last night. Cause im an effin pro... Thats right! Then this morning i woke up early (which sucks cause i wanted to sleep in) dealt with some friend drama and then goofed around till i noticed my phone had switched times again (suckage) so, i was really running an hour behind. Jesus! I got dressed super quick ( i had to go get my new license at the dmv and they close at 12:30 and i left the house at 11:45... Way to cut it super close) i make it there and to my surprise there wasnt much of a line. I make it to the counter and this lady which right off the bat looks like forking moron starts asking for my information. I hand her my birth certificate which she just glances at it and freaks out cause its in spanish (cause i was born in puerto rico) and she freaks the fuck out and starts yelling across the room at this old hag - 'HEY IS PUERTO RICO PART OF THE US???' While the whole time im trying to explain to her that pr is a commonwealth of the united states. I just wanted to yell lady I AM NOT MEXICAN! Stop freakin' out. Jeebus. The old hag finally answers her and tells her exactly what i had just told her. She turns to me and says im sorry i just had to make sure. Blah!

They made me take another picture. Did this huge zoom on my face. I was not allowed to smile (wtf) and i look 12. Ha ha. Oh, well now im sure ill find the other license i lost bc thats how life works.

On my way to the city... Pot hole central! I was driving minding my own business - doobie doobie dooo!!! Then holy shit the ground is swallowing me whole! It was not even a pothole more like a huge crater! Thank god i got tire insurance when i got my suv. I was scurred for my life!

Im going to salsa! Heck yeah. Probably not that great and ill probably fall on my face cause im ankle is not strong enough yet but shoo' im going to dance the night away and love it.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!!!!! :0)
4th-Apr-2009 09:08 pm (UTC)
It's been a beautiful day over here :D
5th-Apr-2009 01:03 am (UTC)
You did not just say "Doobie, doobie, dooo". We are not that freakin' perfect! I drive people very fucking crazy when I'm bored with that shit.

Edited at 2009-04-05 01:04 am (UTC)
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